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Celebrating 10 years of providing quality services, dedication and leadership in the Metro Atlanta Area. Impacting our communities one soul at a time!

Serving Fulton, Clayton and DeKalb Counties

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Another Level Ministries (ALM), Inc., is an independent faith-based non-profit and multi-cultural organization located in the “economic enterprise zone” of Atlanta, Georgia, that provides educational and professional services in DeKalb, Fulton and Clayton Counties. Our program offers year-round onsite housing and is designed to rescue, rehabilitate and empower men and women afflicted with the debilitating effects of substance abuse, homeliness and mental illness. ALM promotes improving the “whole person” by providing support in the areas of education, professional development (i.e., job training), 

and life-skills, all in conjunction to strengthening the self-esteem and self-worth of all clients through a strong spiritual approach. The specific purposes of the ALM are to 1. Rehabilitate those affected to become self-sufficient by providing them with personal development and enrichment services in a home-like environment where they can make a free and informed choice regarding lifestyle; 2. Provide an avenue for homeless men and women to gain skills for employment leading to self-sufficiency; 3. Provide a link for those leaving the criminal justice system to become reacquainted with their children through supervised visits and mentoring; and, 4. Provide a lifelong learning environment for continual self-sufficiency in order to reduce the recidivism of clients back into the criminal justice system, mental institutions or homeless situations. ALM also ensures the provision of innovative, holistic and accessible services to meet the needs of clients who experience alcohol and other drug problems in order to enhance their quality of life.

Another Level Ministries, Inc. is dedicated to providing Educational, Professional, Social, and Cultural change/enhancement in improving the lives of all clients and continues to work toward this end with unlimited Dedication and Leadership.

We invite you to get familiarized with our program through these pages in hope that you would consider partnering with us.

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