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Key Personnel and Staff

  • Rod A. Stovall Sr., Executive Director and CEO
  • Pastor Aida Spina, Administrative Assistant and Consultant
  • Barbara Vaughn, Case Manger
  • Antonio Lindley, House manager
  • Accounting Services from CPA
  • Elder Nathaniel Johnson III, MD - Chaplain
  • Rev. Daryl Hayes - Chaplain


As a Non-profit organization with limited funds, the ALM volunteer staff serves as the primary trainers and facilitators, in addition to a diverse group of talented associates, professionals and community leaders. Volunteers from the areas of education, counseling, legal and medical services and other critical areas will be available to provide invaluable services to the residents who seek assistance from Another Level Ministries, inc. Our volunteers have over 30 years of combined professional expertise and experience in the areas of education, professional and personal development and program design. 

The volunteer core will be essential and a key component to the day-to-day operations success of all of our programs and services. We thank God for each one of them!

Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Why us?

Simply because we are committed, dedicated and passionate about the people we serve!

Restoring their dignity by helping them become productive and independent individuals while

obtaining wholeness and hope that will contribute significantly to decreasing

the percentage who return to self destructive lifestyles.

Our Program is the first step to their new beginning!

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